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LISOL - Leuven Isotope Separator On-Line


Primary beam

LISOL is an on-line isotope separator meant for the study of exotic nuclei that cannot be accessed easily in common ISOL facilities. LISOL is located in the Centre de Recherche du Cyclotron (CRC) in Louvain-La-Neuve, Brabant-Wallon, Belgium. Stable beams of light (p, 3He, 4) and heavy (36,40Ar, 58Ni, ...) ions are provided by the CYCLONE-110 isosynchronous cyclotron to induce fusion-evaporation reactions as well as fission reactions of thin targets.

Gas catcher

The targets are placed in a buffer gas of He or Ar at 500 mbar to catch and thermalise the produced radioactive isotopes. The gas flow transports the isotopes towards the exit nozzle of the gas cell where the surviving ions are caught in a SextuPole Ion Guide (SPIG) or where the atoms can be reionised using laser radiation.

Beam handling

The beam from the SPIG is then accelerated to 40 kV with an electrostatic field and transported to a magnetic separator providing an isobaric beam at a given mass.

The beam is then transported to the experimental setup for nuclear spectroscopy, mostly to a tape station recently developped for high sensitivity measurements.

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If you are interested in performing an experiment at LISOL, please contact Mark Huyse or Piet Van Duppen.