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Master of Physics at the KULeuven: specializing in Theoretical Physics

The Master of Physics at the KULeuven is a two years program and offers a specialization in Theoretical Physics.

There are two types of programs: the Dutch program (Master in de Fysica) and English program (Master of Physics). In the latter all the courses are taught in English. The typical number of students in the classes is 10-15, which facilitates a direct interaction with the teaching staff during lectures and tutorials.

For practical information about the application procedure, deadlines etc. please consult this page.

Links to the description of courses in the specialization Theoretical Physics for

The English Program (download brochure)
The Dutch Program (download brochure)



Capita Selecta Theoretical Physics (2016/2017)

In the course Capita Selecta Theoretical Physics (from the Master program) different topics of modern theoretical physics are treated. The content of the course typically varies from year to year. It is addressed to Master students in Physics, but also open to all interested people.

In the academic year 2016-2017 Dr. Martin Fraas will teach a course on

Stochastic calculus in physics

The lecture aims to cover some parts of physics and mathematics originating in Brownian motion. I will start the lecture by recalling Einstein's derivation of statistics of a Brownian particle, and then proceed to discuss some basic mathematical properties of Brownian motion and the Wiener measure. This will be followed by introduction to the stochastic calculus and some of its applications, e.g. Langevin's equations, and the Feynman-Kac formula. In the second part of the lecture, I introduce quantum stochastic calculus a theory which is currently used to describe continuously measured quantum systems. As an application we will use the formalism to describe homodyne and heterodyne detection in quantum optics.

Literature: B. Simon, Functional Integration and Quantum Physics; K. R. Parthasarathy, An Introduction to Quantum Stochastic Calculus; H. M. Wiseman, G. J. Milburn, Quantum Measurement and Control


The course is given in the first semester