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Master in Astronomy and Astrophysics at KU Leuven

Since 2007, a two-year's master programme in Astronomy and Astrophysics is offered at K.U.Leuven. All classes are taught in English. Annual registration costs are about 900 Euro.The structure of the programme is described below. For further inquiries, please contact the chair of the Programme Committee:


Structure of the programme

The programme consists of courses, research projects and a master thesis with a total student workload of 120 study points in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The programme is an international programme. Courses followed by international students who do not master Dutch will be taught in English. Click on the course numbers in the programme overview to see the syllabi of the courses.


Compulsory course only if not taken during the Bachelor Program.

This course samples the basics on Stellar Structure and Evolution. Bachelors from elswhere should have taken the equivalent of this course. The POC chair should be contacted for approval. An equivalent "Stellar Structure and Evolution" is available for students who do not master Dutch.

  • G0P41AN The Dutch Bachelor course 'Sterrenkunde' (5 ECTS). 

Compulsary courses (total 21 ECTS)

  • G0146 Radiative processes in Astronomy (6 ECTS)

  • G0145 Observational Techniques in Astronomy (6 ECTS)

  • G0I59 Introduction to Cosmology (6 ECTS)

  • G0L96 Research Projects I (3 ECTS)

At least one additional Research Project

  • G0L97 Research Projects II (3 ECTS)

  • G0L98 Research School in Observational Astronomy (4 ECTS)

  • G0W48 Research Projects in Theoretical Astrophysics (3 ECTS)

Elective courses (at least 30 ECTS)

Every student shall choose courses for at least 30 study points from the following general and specialised elective courses as well as from the additional research projects (see above):

General elective courses

  • G0I54A Interstellar Matter (6 ECTS)

  • G0P71B Introduction to Plasma Dynamics (6 ECTS)

  • G0I38B Theory of Nucleosynthesis (6 ECTS, ULB)

  • G0I53A The Milky Way Galaxy (6 ECTS)

  • G0I39A Star Formation (6 ECTS)

  • G0I55A Binary Stars (6 ECTS)

  • G0I51A Stellar atmospheres and Stellar Winds (6 ECTS)

Specialised elective courses

  • G0I56A Specialised Topics in Astronomical Techniques (6 ECTS)

  • G0I44A Asteroseismology (6 ECTS).

  • G0I40A Theoretical seismology (6 ECTS)

  • G0I52A Planetary Systems (6 ECTS)

  • G0I35A Analytische Mechanica (6 ECTS)

  • G0B28A Solar physics (6 ECTS)

  • G0I43A Capita Selecta in Astronomy and Astrophysics (6 ECTS)

  • G0I41A Dynamics of Stellar Systems (6ECTS, UGent)

  • G0I36A Relativity (6 ECTS)

  • G0B30A Computational Methods for Astrophysical Applications

  • G0I42A Physics of Planets (6 ECTS)

  • G0B32 Space Weather (6 ECTS)

Master thesis (30 ECTS)

Teacher Track (30 ECTS)

Research Track (30 ECTS)

Professional Track (30 ECTS)

30 study points from the faculty's teacher trainging programme ('academische lerarenopleiding').

General and specialised elective courses from this programme (see list above) or from other master programmes of the Faculty of Science. Up to 12 study points can be choosen from courses outside the faculty.

any master course of the faculty of Science
any course from the professional masters of the K.U.Leuven or elswhere


Conditions to enter the programme

The nominal preparation for a Master in Astronomy and Astrophysics is a Bachelor programme of 180 study points in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Students who got their bachelor degree in Physics at the K.U.Leuven can enter the programme directly. Other Bachelor degrees from the faculty of Science also have direct access to the programme if they have sucessfully followed the following courses:


For students from another faculty or other universities, a similar bachelor programme with an equivalent of at least 55 study points on these or similar courses is required (physics, statistics, mathematics, statistical thermodynamics or chemical thermodynamics, introductory course to astronomy). The curriculum of these students will be evaluated on an individual basis by the programme committee. If necessary, students can be requested to add extra courses to their programme at the start of the programme.


Ad Valvas - Seminars at the Institute of Astronomy

Date Time Place Speaker Title
29/09/2016 14:00 200B.00.07 Ludmila Carone From hot Jupiters to super-Earths - A tandem approach (CmPA)
26/10/2016 16:00 200M.00.07 Gijs Nelemans The discovery of gravitational waves
28/10/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Pawel Moskalik New forms of pulsation in RR Lyrae stars
11/11/2016 -- -- -- Armistice Day
17/11/2016 14:00 200B.00.07 Somayeh Nezami  Studying the wobblling and precessing jets from warped disks in binary systems via 3D MHD simulations. (CmPA)
18/11/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Stan Owocki Magnetospheres of Magnetic Massive Stars
30/11/2016 16:00 200M.00.07 Enrico Carlo The Nobel Prize in Physics 2016: Topological phases of matter
01/12/2016 14:00 200B.00.07 Lukas Maes Polar cap aurora (CmPA)
09/12/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Ana Escorza Santos To Ba or not to Ba: the formation of barium stars
10/12/2016 15:00 Aula Pieter De Somer Étienne Ghys The shape of the planet Earth? An unexpectedly deep mathematical challenge!
(Christmas Lecture, registration required)
16/12/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Master students Master thesis presentations
23/12/2016 -- -- -- No seminar
30/12/2016 -- -- -- Christmas holidays
06/01/2017 -- -- -- No seminar
11/01/2017 10:00 Aula 01.07 Arenbergkasteel Alejandra Sans PhD defense: Probing the Milky Way's building blocks
13/01/2017 14.00 200D.05.11 Marie Van de Sande Determining the effect of a non-uniform AGB outflow on its chemistry
20/01/2017 14:00 200B.01.18 -- No seminar
27/01/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Thomas Tauris Double neutron star systems
03/02/2017 -- -- -- No seminar: bridging day after Candlemas
10/02/2017 11:00 200D.05.11 David Jones Binary central stars of planetary nebulae
17/02/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Hans Van Winckel Science with Mercator
24/02/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Ehsan Moravveji Asteroseismic Modelling Made Easy?
03/03/2017 14:00 TI.01.02 Timothy Van Reeth PhD defence: Asteroseismology of gamma Doradus stars with the Kepler space mission
08/03/2017 16:00 200A.00.225 Stefaan Poedts Space weather event prediction models (CmPA)
10/03/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Shreeya Shetye Determining Luminosity of the Third Dredge-up via S stars
17/03/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Jels Boulanger The intricate interplay of physics and chemistry: an AGB story
24/03/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Péter Pápics What’s new in(side) massive stars on the MS - insights from asteroseismology
31/03/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Rajeev Manick TBC
07/04/2017 14:00 -- -- Easter holidays
14/04/2017 -- -- -- Easter holidays
21/04/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Pierre Lesaffre TBC
28/04/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Swaraj Bandhu Mahato TBC
05/05/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Bram Buysschaert TBC
12/05/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Mike Laverick TBC
19/05/2017 14:00 200D.05.11 Rafael Rebolo Brown Dwarfs 
26/05/2017 -- -- -- No seminar: bridging day after Ascension
06/10/2017 14:00 TBC Dries Nicolaes TBC

Ad Valvas pages of previous academic years.


Ad Valvas Archive - Seminars given at the Institute of Astronomy



AD VALVAS 2015-2016

Date Time Place Speaker Title
23/09/2015 14:00 Promotiezaal
Hal 01.46
Jonathan Menu PhD defense: The structure of protoplanetary disks around intermediate-mass young stars
30/09/2015 14:00 Aula van de 2de hoofdwet Kenneth De Smedt PhD defense: The chemical diversity of post-AGB stars in the Galaxy and the Magellanic clouds
02/10/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Peter Papics The Rosetta Stone of main sequence B stars, and finding the optimal colourmap
06/10/2015 14:00 200B.02.18 Kris Borremans (BIRA) The radiation belts of the Earth (CmPA)
09/10/2015 14:00 200D.05.11

Ehsan Moravveji

The anatomy of B stars
16/10/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Ludmilla Carone Rocky exoplanets may be habitable depending on their wind system (CmPA + IvS)
21/10/2015 14:00 200B.01.05 New prof at KULeuven: Jon Sundqvist Mass loss and Magnetism of Massive Stars
23/10/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison highlight:
Richard Townsend
MESA & GYRE: Stellar Astrophysics for the People
26/10/2015 14:00 200B.02.18 Allard-Jan van Marle Simulated IR-images of the environment of evolved stars (CmPA)
30/10/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 New prof at KULeuven: Hugues Sana Observational signatures of post interaction binary products in massive star populations
04/11/2015 16:00 200K.00.07 Nathal Severijns Departmental colloquium: Nobel prize physics 2015
06/11/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Swaraj Mahato Imaging Sensor Technology for Astronomy: A CMOS Approach
13/11/2015 14.00 200D.05.11 Alumnus highlight: Pieter Degroote A better and healthier world using 3D printing
20/11/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Master Students Thesis presentations - Group 1
27/11/2015 14.00 200D.05.11 MPIA highlight: Branimir Sesar The Mystery of the Ophiuchus Stream
02/12/2015 14:00 200B.01.07 Univ. of Kiel highlight:
Sebastian Wolf
Can we observe the formation of planets?
04/12/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 ULg highlight: Gaël Buldgen Development and application of inversion techniques in asteroseismology
11/12/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Master Students Thesis presentations - Group 2
18/12/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Mike Laverick BRASS: a Britain Rambling About Spectra and Stuff
25/12/2015 -- -- -- Christmas Holidays
01/01/2016 -- -- -- Christmas Holidays
08/01/2016 -- -- -- No seminar
15/01/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Jels Boulangier Creating a synthetic AGB-atmosphere
22/01/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Devika Kamath A twist in the stellar evolution tale: stars that do not conform to standard stellar evolution theories
29/01/2016 14:00   Rajeev Manick The study of binarity amongst RV Tauri pulsators with a disc
05/02/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 -- End of semester break
12/02/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Master students Thesis presentations
16/02/2016 11:00 200D.05.11 Univ of Cardiff highlight: Mikako Matsuura Herschel and ALMA findings of dust and molecules in supernova 1987A
19/02/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Wim De Meester The mid-infrared instrument MIRI on the James Webb space telescope
26/02/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Alejandra Sans Probing the Stellar Halo using Hierarchical Density Based Clustering Algorithms: OPTICS and FOPTICS
04/03/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Valentina Schmid Seismic modelling of the binary hybrid pulsator KIC10080943
11/03/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Timothy Van Reeth The inner clockwork of gamma Doradus stars
18/03/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Marie Van de Sande SiO & HCN throughout the stellar wind of R Dor
25/03/2016 -- -- -- Good Friday
01/04/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Rutger De Nutte Determining the stellar initial mass by means of the 17O/18O ratio on the AGB
08/04/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Master students Thesis presentations
13/04/2016 15:00 200B.00.05 Univ. of Aarhus highlight: May Gade Pedersen Revisiting the A-type flare stars reported from Kepler photometry: a critical investigation
15/04/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Univ. of Lund highlight: Michiel Lambrechts The formation of planets by pebble accretion
22/04/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Ana Escorza Santos To Ba or not to Ba
29/04/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Bram Buysschaert Seismology of magnetic massive stars
06/05/2016 -- -- -- Bridging day after Ascension
13/05/2016 14:00   -- No seminar
20/05/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Ward Homans Cancelled
26/05/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Master students Practice thesis defense (Part 1)
27/05/2016 14:00 200D.05.11 Master students Practice thesis defense (Part 2)



Ad Valvas 2014-2015

Date Time Place Speaker Title
03/10/2014 11:00 200B.00.16 Birmingham univ. highlight: Daniel Reese Internal rapid rotation and its implications for stellar structure and pulsations
10/10/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Uppsala univ. highlight: Pieter Gruyters Exploring the Chemical Evolution of Globular Clusters and their Stars
14/10/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Leiden univ. highlight: Ignas Snellen Characterization of exoplanet atmospheres using high-dispersion spectroscopy
17/10/2014 -- -- -- --
20/10/2014 13:00 TI 01.02 Jan Deca PhD defence: Multi-scale kinetic simulations with iPic3D: from spacecraft charging analysis to the solar wind interaction with Lunar magnetic anomalies (CmPA)
24/10/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Ward Homan An ALMA view on the interiors of stellar winds
27/10/2014 14.00 200B.02.18 Ludmila Carone From vortices to stream dominated: Phase change in the atmosphere dynamics of tidally locked terrestrial planets with Earth-like insolation (CmPA)
31/10/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Master Students Thesis presentations
06/11/2014 14.00 200D. 03.34 Monash Univ. highlight: Bernhard Müller Multi-D Stellar Evolution as a Solution to the Supernova Problem?
07/11/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Univ. of British Colombia highlight: Jaymie Matthews More than a decade of exoplanetary science with MOST
14/11/2014 -- -- -- --
21/11/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Rutger De Nutte Nucleosynthesis in AGB stars traced by oxygen isotopic ratios
28/11/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Lund univ. highlight: Ross Church The birth stellar cluster of the Solar System
05/12/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Andreas Mayer INTERSTELLAR [Redux]: The real interplay between dust, gravity, and binarity
12/12/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Michel Hillen The interferometric view on post-AGB binaries: what have we learned thanks to the Belgian GTO (and beyond)?
19/12/2014 14:00 200D.05.11 Master students Thesis presentations
26/12/2014 -- -- -- No seminar: Christmas Holidays
02/01/2015 -- -- -- No seminar: Christmas Holidays
08/01/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Harvard-Smithsonian highlight: Wanda Diaz Merced Sound to See better
09/01/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Jonathan Menu The evolving evolutionary scenarios for Herbig Ae stars
15/01/2015 16:00 200B.01.07 Sap-CEA highlight: Enrico Corsaro Bayesian asteroseismology of red giant stars
16/01/2015 14:00 200B.00.18 Bram Buysschaert Seismology of massive magnetic stars
23/01/2015 14:00 200B.01.18 Leiden univ. highlight: Catherine Walsh Physics and chemistry of protoplanetary disks in 
the era of ALMA
30/01/2015 14:00 200B.01.18 VUB highlight: Stijn Buitink Cosmic Ray Mass Composition with the LOFAR Radio Telescope
06/02/2015 -- -- -- No seminar: Lecture free week
13/02/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Chalmers univ. highlight: Elvire De Beck Cancelled
20/02/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Ehsan Moravveji Cancelled
27/02/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Alejandra Sans Exploring the Milky Way's Building Blocks
06/03/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 UA highlight: Sandra Van Aert The benefits of statistical parameter estimation theory for quantitative electron microscopy
13/03/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 ULg highlight: Valerie Van Grootel
CHEOPS: towards exoplanet characterization
20/03/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Master students Thesis presentations
25/03/2015 15:00 200L.00.06 KIT highlight: Valentin Kozlov Shedding light on a dark universe (Dep. Colloquium)
27/03/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Timothy Van Reeth Gamma Doradus stars in the Kepler field: shaken and stirred
02/04/2015 10:00 200B.00.05 Hamed Ghasemi An evolutionary approach for probing interior structure of pulsating subdwarf B stars
03/04/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Santiago Triana The curious inertial waves 
10/04/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Andrew Tkachenko Grid Search in Stellar Parameters (GSSP): a software for analysis of high-resolution stellar spectra
17/04/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Kenneth De Smedt Lead in (extra)-galactic post-AGB stars
24/04/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Valentina Schmid A polyphonic binary seen through the eye of Kepler
01/05/2015 14:00 -- --  No seminar: Labor Day
05/05/2015 11:00 DV3.01.25 Imperial College highlight: David Southwood Managing the ESA Space Science programme
08/05/2015 14:00 200D.05.11 Marie Van de Sande The chemical cookbook of AGB stars
15/05/2015 14:00 -- -- No seminar: bridge day Ascension
22/05/2015 -- -- -- No seminar: NAC
29/05/2015 14:00 200B.00.18 Master students Practice thesis defense



Ad Valvas 2013-2014

Date Time Place Speaker Title
27/09/2013 14.00h 200B.00.18 Imperial College highlight: David Southwood Saturn's mysterious magnetic fields (CmPA)
03/10/2013 14.00h 200B.01.18 Bram Vandoren The Fast and the Furious: boosting your scientific computations using the SLURM workload manager
04/10/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 Pieter Degroote PHOEBE: the state-of-the-art binary star modeller
11/10/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 Valentina Schmid Asteroseismology of eclipsing binary stars
15/10/2013 14.00h 200B.02.18 Ludmila Carone  Strange weather on strange planets - Comparison of different terrestrial exo-planets to understand their atmospheric dynamics. (CmPA)
18/10/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 Univ. Nijmegen highlight: Steven Bloemen Preparing for the next gold rush: The BlackGEM Array for gravitational wave counterparts.
22/10/2013 14.00h 200B.02.18 Marie Dominique Quasi-periodic pulsations in flares: what can we learn and what are the difficulties inherent to their detection? (CmPA)
23/10/2013 15.00h 200M.00.06 VUB highlight: Alexander Sevrin Mass? Mass!
2013 Nobel Prize in Physics Colloquium
25/10/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 Master students Thesis presentations
31/10/2013 14.00h 200B.01.18 Univ. Leiden highlight: Remo Tilanus ALMA Cycle 2 proposals: details, new capabilities, and tutorials/help with the proposal/observing tool and simulator. 
01/11/2013 14.00h -- -- No seminar: All Saints' day
08/11/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 ULg highlight: Olivier Absil Taking extrasolar planet imaging to a new level with vector vortex coronagraphy: the VORTEX project
15/11/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 Devika Kamath Post-AGB stars in the Magellanic clouds
22/11/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 Konstanze Zwintz Can asteroseismology help to understand early stellar evolution?
29/11/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 Roald Guandalini Study of AGBs and stellar clusters at IR wavelengths
06/12/2013 10.00h TI 01.02 Paul Beck PhD Defense: Asteroseismology of red-giant stars: mixed modes, differential rotation, and eccentric binaries.
06/12/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 ROB highlight: Pascal Rosenblatt How did the Martian moons form?
13/12/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 Master students Thesis presentations
16/12/2013 11.00h 200D.05.11 ESA highlight: Antonio Garcia Munoz Radiation transport in planetary atmospheres
19/12/2013 13.30h TI 01.02 Robin Lombaert PhD Defense: The circumstellar environment of evolved stars as traced by molecules and dust. The diagnostic power of Herschel.
20/12/2013 14.00h 200D.05.11 Nick Cox Solving the longest-standing problem in all of spectroscopy!
27/12/2013 14.00h -- -- No seminar: Christmas break
03/01/2014 14.00h -- -- No seminar: Christmas break
09/01/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Vincent Van Eylen What asteroseismology can do for exoplanets: the case of Kepler-410A b
10/01/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Allard-Jan van Marle The influence of interstellar magnetic fields on the shape of circumstellar bubbles
17/01/2014 14.00h 200B.00.18 Ehsan Moravveji Evolutionary and Asteroseismic Grid of Massive Stars
24/01/2014 14.00h 200B.01.18 Pablo Marcos Arenal The PLATO Simulator: Can I use it? Do I want to?
31/01/2014 14.00h 200B.01.18 Leen Decin Astrochemistry in evolved stars
07/02/2014 14.00h -- -- No seminar: Lecture free week
14/02/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Jonathan Menu Herbig-star disks as seen with the MID-infrared Interferometric instrument (MIDI)
21/02/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Timothy Van Reeth Asteroseismology of Gamma Doradus stars
28/02/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Alejandra Sans Does the RR Lyr galactic bulge population show a metallicity gradient?
07/03/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 ULB highlight: Christos Siopis Eclipsing binaries with Gaia
12/03/2014 14.00h 200B.00.05 Complutense university highlight: Ana Ines Gomez de Castro The evolution of stellar magnetospheres during planets building up and early evolution. A challenge for the next UV mission: WSO-UV
14/03/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Peter Papics Looking deeper into massive main sequence stars with Kepler and K2
21/03/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Master students Thesis presentations
25/03/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Teramo Observatory highlight: Sergio Cristallo AGB stars: how we envision them and what we wish to know about them
28/03/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Andrew Tkachenko Probing stellar evolution models with high-mass binary stars
04/04/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Rutger De Nutte Seminar cancelled.
11/04/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Alumna highlight: Valery Ann Jacobs From astronomy to surgery: shedding light in the darkness.
18/04/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Kenneth De Smedt Tracing the AGB nucleosynthesis in the Magellanic Clouds
25/04/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Joris Vos Using MESA to model eccentric binary evolution
02/05/2014 14.00h -- -- No seminar: bridging day after Labour Day
09/05/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Ward Homan Seminar canceled
16/05/2014 14.00h 200D.05.11 Master students Practice thesis defense
23/05/2014 14.00h -- -- No seminar: NAC conference
30/05/2014 14.00h -- -- No seminar: bridging day after Ascension Day
12/08/2014 14.00h 200B.02.18 MIT highlight: Andras Zsom A new perspective on the Habitable Zone




Ad Valvas 2012-2013

Date Time Place Speaker Title
26/09/2012 14.00h DV1 91.56 Kristof Smolders PhD defence: The Spitzer spectroscopic sample of S-type AGB stars
05/10/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 ULB highlight: Isabelle Surdej The effects of segmentation on the image quality of future segmented telescopes and different methods to reduce these errors
09/10/2012 16.00h 200B.00.16 Durham Univ. highlight: Tom Theuns Cosmological simulations of galaxy formation: Eagle, Owls, and other Gimics
12/10/2012 14.00h 200B.00.05 Michel Hillen The dynamic atmospheres of Mira stars: comparing the CODEX models to PTI time series
16/10/2012 16.00h 200B.02.18 Ludmila Carone Tidal forces in CoRoT planetary systems: Influence on orbital stability and stellar rotation evolution  (organized by CPA)
19/10/2012 14.00h 200A.00.144 Simone Scaringi Eavesdropping on accretion disks: The Universal nature of accretion-induced variability
23/10/2012 16.00h 200B.02.18 Oliver Porth Modeling the Crab Nebula - 3D simulations of pulsar wind nebulae (organized by CPA)
26/10/2012 14.00h 200A.00.144 Master students Thesis presentations
02/11/2012 14.00h -- -- No seminar: All Soul's day.
09/11/2012 14.00h 200G.00.63 Ondrejov Obs. highlight: Peter Nemeth Spectroscopy and the evolution of hot subdwarf stars 
16/11/2012 14.00h 200B.00.16 Geneva Obs. highlight: Lovro Palaversa Exploring the variable sky with LINEAR
23/11/2012 14.00h 200B.00.16 Enrico Corsaro Asteroseismology of three open clusters observed with Kepler
30/11/2012 14.00h 200C.01.08 Paul Beck Internal red giant rotation as observed with Kepler
07/12/2012 14.00h 200B.00.16 Master students Thesis presentations
14/12/2012 14.00h 200B.01.05 Judith Daza Nucleosynthesis in AGB stars traced by isotopic ratios
21/12/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Tjorven Delabie Novel algorithms for a star tracker
28/12/2012 14.00h -- -- No seminar: Xmas break
04/01/2013 14.00h -- -- No seminar: Xmas break
11/01/2013 14.00h 200B.00.18 Pablo Marcos Arenal ASTROIDSim: an astronomical imaging multi-detector simulator
18/01/2013 14.00h -- Valentina Schmid Seminar cancelled.
25/01/2013 14.00h -- Leen Decin Seminar cancelled.
01/02/2013 14.00h -- -- Seminar postponed until next week
08/02/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Joris Vos Challenges in the evolution of sdB stars
15/02/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Bart Vandenbussche SPICA: the next generation far-infrared space telescope
22/02/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Ludmila Carone From Earth to Super-Earth atmospheres: Adaptation of MITgcm to be applicable to terrestrial exoplanets.
01/03/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 ROB highlight: Pascal Rosenblatt Seminar cancelled.
08/03/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Andrew Tkachenko Least Squares Deconvolution technique: overview and application to high-resolution spectroscopy
15/03/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Hans Van Winckel Science with HERMES. Overview of the first ~4 years of operations
22/03/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Peter Papics Two new SB2 binaries with main sequence B-type pulsators in the Kepler field
27/03/2013 15.00h 200K.00.06 A'dam highlight: Alex de Koter Department Colloquium: How to make supermassive stars 
29/03/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Master students Thesis presentations
05/04/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Wim Pessemier Semantic modeling of control systems for astronomical instrumentation
12/04/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Jonathan Menu TW Hydrae: multi-wavelength interferometry of a transition disk
19/04/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 CEA highlight: Stephane Mathis Rotation in stellar interiors: transport and mixing processes in stars and seismic constraints
26/04/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 BIRA highlight: Tijl Verhoelst From satellite measurement to insight in the distribution of stratospheric trace gases: the interplay between observations, models, radiative transfer, and retrieval methods
03/05/2013 10.00h KAST 01.07 Steven Bloemen PhD defense: High-precision studies of compact variable stars
03/05/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Ward Homan 3D view on stellar winds
06/05/2013 11.00h 200B.00.18 ESO highlight: Thodori Nakos The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array
10/05/2013 14.00h -- -- No seminar: bridging day after Ascension Day
17/05/2013 14.00h -- -- No seminar: NAC conference
24/05/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Master students Practice thesis defence
30/05/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 RAS highlight: Keith Smith Small-scale structure of the interstellar medium
31/05/2013 14.00h DV1 91.56 Peter Papics PhD defense: Observational asteroseismology of B-type stars on the main sequence with the CoRoT and Kepler satellites
07/06/2013 14.00h 200B.01.16 Kenneth De Smedt The diversity of post-AGB stars in the Magellanic Clouds
09/09/2013 10.00h KAST 01.07 Michel Hillen PhD defence: Interferometric studies of AGB and post-AGB stars
11/09/2013 14.00h KAST 01.07 Ben de Vries PhD defence: Olivine mineralogy of young and evolved stars




Ad Valvas 2011-2012

Date Time Place Speaker Title
07/10/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Paul Beck Fast-core rotation in red giants
14/10/2011 14.00h 200B.00.05 Joris De Ridder Red giant seismology
21/10/2011 14.00h 200B.00.05 Jeroen Vandersteen MAIA - science, design and preliminary test results
25/10/2011 20.30h PDS 01.30 Stephen Hawking Origin of the Universe  (organized by ITF)
26/10/2011 14.45h 200M.00.07 Clio Gielen Nobel prize colloquium: The accelerating expansion of
the Universe observed through distant supernovae
26/10/2011 14.00h BETH 00.08 Gert Raskin Public PhD Defence: Hermes: a fiber-fed high-resolution
spectrograph for the Mercator telescope
28/10/2011 14.00h 200B.01.05 Master students Thesis presentations
04/11/2011 14.00h 200B.01.18 Thomas Kallinger Granulation in A-type stars: a new interpretation
08/11/2011 13.30h TI 01.02 Elvire De Beck Public PhD Defence: Molecular diagnostics of the circumstellar
envelopes of asymptotic giant branch stars: mass loss and chemistry
11/11/2011 -- -- -- No seminar: Armistice
18/11/2011 14.00h 200B.00.07 CPA highlight:
Tom Van Doorsselaere
Seismology of solar coronal oscillations
25/11/2011 14.00h 200B.01.16 Clio Gielen The accelerating expansion of the Universe observed through
distant supernovae
01/12/2011 14.00h 200B.01.14 Univ. Amsterdam
highlight: Sera Markoff
Our Galactic supermassive black hole Sgr A*: the ideal testbed
for theories of accretion and block hole life cycles (organized by CPA)
02/12/2011 14.00h 200B.00.05 Master students Thesis presentations
07/12/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Univ. Maryland highlight:
Santiago Andres Triana
Inertial waves in a laboratory model of the Earth's core
09/12/2011 14.00h 200B.00.05 BIRA highlight: Nadia This The International Space Station
16/12/2011 14.00h 200B.00.05 Robin Lombaert Milky Way's very own Antartic: OH127.8+0.0
23/12/2011 13.30h KAST.01.07 Els Van Aarle Public PhD Defence: The optically bright post-AGB population of
the Large Magellanic Cloud
06/01/2012 -- -- -- No seminar: Friday after Xmas break
13/01/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Villanova Univ. highlight:
Andrej Prsa

Hot off the press: Kepler mission harvest of circumbinary planets

20/01/2012 14.00h 200B.01.07 Eva Bauwens MIRI @ JWST: First test results
27/01/2012 14.00h 200B.00.05 Steven Bloemen Kepler's treasure chest of eclipsing binary stars
03/02/2012 -- -- -- No seminar: bridging day after Candlemas
10/02/2012 -- -- -- No seminar: mid-year break
17/02/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Sara Regibo The debris disk of beta Pictoris
24/02/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Pieter Degroote

MESA: an open-source state-of-the art stellar evolution code

02/03/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Master students Thesis presentations
09/03/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Nick Cox New views on star formation with Herschel: cores and filaments
in the Chamaeleon and Musca dark clouds
16/03/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 KMI highlight: Roeland
Van Malderen
Water vapour in the climate system
23/03/2012 14.00h 200B.00.05 Kristof Smolders Postponed to 6 April.
30/03/2012 14.00h 200B.00.05 Nadya Gorlova The HERMES binary star project: latest results
06/04/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Master students Thesis presentations
06/04/2012 14.30h 200B.00.18 Kristof Smolders Spitzer spectroscopic results of S-type AGB stars
13/04/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Peter Papics Rotation and pulsation in B stars on the main sequence
18/04/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Vienna Univ. highlight: Konstanze Zwintz The young stellar population in NGC 2264 as seen by four different space missions. 
20/04/2012 14.00h 200B.00.05 Wim Pessemier Dependability aspects of the Mercator Telescope control system
24/04/2012 15.00h 200A.00.225 ROB highlight: Alex Lobel Quantitative spectroscopy of massive hot stars
27/04/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 ULB highlight: Thomas Masseron Molecules in stellar atmospheres
04/05/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Jonathan Menu TW Classic: how well do we know the classical T Tauri star TW Hydrae and its disk?
11/05/2012 14.00h 200B.01.07 Master students Practice thesis defence
18/05/2012 -- -- -- No seminar:  bridging day after Ascension Day
25/05/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 -- No seminar: NAC conference
01/06/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Ben de Vries What you can do with one solid-state band and PACS
08/06/2012 14.00h 200B.00.18 Kenneth De Smedt The s-process of post-AGB stars in the SMC
15/06/2012 14.00h 200G.00.01 Maria Luisa Alonso Cancelled
22/06/2012 14.00h 200B.00.07 Joris Vos The orbits of subdwarf B + main sequence binaries



Ad Valvas 2010-2011

Date Time Place Speaker Title
24/09/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Univ. Western Ontario highlight: Jean-Baptiste Kikwaya The density of small meteoroids
01/10/2010 14.00h 200B.01.14 ULB highlight: Tyl Dermine No seminar
08/10/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Christoffel Waelkens Extragalactic results with Herschel
15/10/2010 14.00h 200B.00.05 Steven Bloemen Giving light an extra boost -- Doppler beaming in Kepler light curves
22/10/2010 14.00h 200B.00.05 Robin Lombaert A PACS view of the OH/IR star V669 Cas
29/10/2010 14.00h 200B.01.05 Michel Hillen High angular resolution techniques applied to evolved stars
05/11/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Master students Thesis presentations
12/11/2010 14.00h 200B.01.05 -- No seminar (bridging day after Armistice Day)
19/11/2010 14.00h 200B.00.16 Roy Oestensen Compact pulsators observed by Kepler
25/11/2010 17.00h Promotiezaal (Universiteitshallen) Pieter Degroote Public PhD defence: Asteroseismology of OB stars with the CoRoT space mission
26/11/2010 14.00h 200B.01.05 Univ. Berkeley highlight: Margaret Pan Revisiting the (RV) exoplanet eccentricity distribution
03/12/2010 14.00h 200B.00.05 Univ. Gent highlight: Gianfranco Gentile Dark matter in galaxies
10/12/2010 14.00h 200B.00.05 Univ. Bonn highlight: Matthias Maercker Early science with ALMA
17/12/2010 14.00h 200S.01.05 Master students Thesis presentations
07/01/2011 14.00h -- -- No seminar. Christmas holidays.
14/01/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Nick Cox Herschel Gould Belt Survey @ IvS
21/01/2011 14.00h 200S.01.05 Peter Papics Core overshooting and rotation inside massive stars
28/01/2011 14.00h 200B.01.14 Bram Acke On the post-AGB binary HR 4049
04/02/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Univ. Leiden highlight: Michiel Hogerheijde Allegro - The ALMA Regional Center node in the Netherlands
11/02/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Gert Raskin HERMES and MAIA: optical design
18/02/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Paul Beck Postponed
25/02/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Nadya Gorlova Hermes survey of evolved stars
04/03/2011 14.00h 200B.01.05 Master students Thesis presentations
11/03/2011 14.00h 200B.00.07 ROB highlight: Véronique Dehant The habitability of Mars
18/03/2011 14.00h 200B.01.14 Kristof Smolders Spitzer spectroscopic survey of S-type stars
25/03/2011 14.00h 200B.00.07 BIRA highlight: Frank Daerden The atmosphere of Mars
01/04/2011 14.00h 200B.00.07 Wim Pessemier An industrial control system for the Mercator telescope
08/04/2011 14.00h 200B.00.16 Master students Thesis presentations
15/04/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Ben de Vries Comparing the crystalline olivines in Beta Pictoris and the Solar system
22/04/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Univ. Gent highlight: Jacopo Fritz Infrared Emission from AGNs: Models and comparison with observations
29/04/2011 14.00h 200B.01.05 Elvire De Beck Herschel and the Beast - Highlights from a HIFI line survey of IRC +10216
29/04/2011 15.00h 200B.01.05 Joris Vos Master thesis presentation: The solar type eclipsing binary EF Aqr
06/05/2011 14.00h 200B.00.16 Katrina Exter Spatially resolved spectroscopy on planetary nebulae: looking at knots
13/05/2011 14.00h 200B.00.16 Master students Practice thesis defence
20/05/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 -- No seminar (NAC conference)
27/05/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Pieter Degroote Mode identification of slowly-rotating stars
03/06/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 -- No seminar (bridging day after Ascension Day)
10/06/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Jonas Blomme Classification techniques explored and applied to the variable stars in the TrES and Ogle LMC database
17/06/2011 14.00h 200B.00.07 -- No seminar (IvS BBQ)
01/07/2011 13.30h 200D.04.08 Master students Master thesis defences
05/07/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 IAC highlight: Sergio Simon Diaz Macroturbulence broadening: a single snap-shot alternative to investigate pulsations in Massive stars?
08/07/2011 14.00h 200B.00.18 Univ. of Edinburgh highlight: Michal Michalowski

Could AGB stars and supernovae form dust in galaxies at redshifts 4 to 6.5?



Ad Valvas 2009-2010

Date Time Place Speaker Title
02/10/2009 15.00h 200D.05.11 Hans Van Winckel The Hermes spectrograph: what you really need to know
09/10/2009 14.00h 200D.05.11 Master students Thesis presentations
16/10/2009 14.00h 200D.05.11 -- No seminar (Outreach: Science for Fun)
23/10/2009 14.00h 200D.05.11 Pieter Degroote Detecting telluric planets in the presence of stellar activity
30/10/2008 14.00h 200D.05.11 Ben De Vries Seminar cancelled. Speaker is ill.
06/11/2009 14.00h 200D.05.11 Wolfgang Zima The Plato satellite
13/11/2009 14.00h 200B.01.14 Master students Thesis presentations
20/11/2009 14.00h 200D.06.34 Stefan Uttenthaler Technitium and Lithium in AGB stars
27/11/2009 14.00h 200B.01.14 Kristof Smolders On the origin of PAH species
04/12/2009 14.00h 200B.01.07 UHasselt highlight: Jori Liesenborgs Gravitational lenses
11/12/2009 14.00h 200B.01.14 Nadya Gorlova FLAMINGOS near infrared survey of the Serpens molecular cloud
14/12/2009 10.00h Auditorium De Molen Sophie Saesen Public PhD defence: Towards asteroseismology of the young open stellar cluster Chi Persei (NGC 884)
18/12/2009 14.00h 200D.06.34 Master students Thesis presentations
22/12/2009 10.00h Kasteel Arenberg Maarten Desmet Public PhD defence: Case studies of variable B-stars: 12 Lac, AU Mon and Spica
08/01/2010 14.00h TI.01.02 Jeroen Vandersteen Historical and Modern Combustion Engines - for Astronomers
15/01/2010 14.00h 200B.01.14 Wim Pessemier Motion control aspects of our big blue cannon
22/01/2010 14.00h 200B.01.14 ROB highlight: Tim Van Hoolst A planetary geodesy approach to investigate global internal liquid layers in planets and satellites
29/01/2010 14.00h 200B.01.14 Bram Acke Spitzer's view on hydrocarbon emission in Herbig Ae stars
05/02/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 -- No seminar (lecture-free week)
12/02/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Sara Regibo HIFI: far-infrared with Herschel
19/02/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 BIRA highlight: Karolien Lefever Chemical weather forecasting
26/02/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 TIFR highlight: Bhaswati Mookerjea Triggered star formation in dark globules
05/03/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Master students Thesis presentations
12/03/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Djazia Ladjal Infrared astronomy with bolometers
12/03/2010 15.00h 200B.00.18 Hans Van Winckel The HERMES reduction pipeline
19/03/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Peter Papics NASA SDO: Exploring the Sun in High Definition
26/03/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Jonas Blomme Gaia and automated classification of variable stars
02/04/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Elvire De Beck Molecules around AGB stars, a case study on IK Tau
09/04/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Paul Beck Towards the determination of the angular momentum distribution in red giants
16/04/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Els Van Aarle The optically bright post-AGB population of the LMC
23/04/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Master students Thesis presentations
30/04/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 KMI highlight: Ilse Decoster The geostationary Earth radiation budget experiment
07/05/2019 14.00h 200B.00.18 Tijl Verhoelst A new network of Mid-IR calibrators
14/05/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 -- No seminar (bridging holiday after Ascension Day)
21/05/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Batist Paklons No seminar
04/06/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Master students Practice thesis defence
11/06/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Pierre Royer An introduction to Herschel-PACS
18/06/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Clio Gielen Dusty discs in galactic and extragalactic post-AGB binaries
25/06/2010 14.00h 200B.00.18 Ben De Vries Stardust made crystal clear
25/06/2010 14.30h 200B.00.18 Joris Blommaert First Herschel results (obtained by Belgian teams)
16/07/2010 14.00h 200D.05.11 Univ. Edinburgh highlight: Peder Norberg Probing the Growth of Non-Linear Structure in the Dark Universe with the Galaxy And Mass Assembly Survey (GAMA)




Fuelled by technological developments, the field of astronomy is currently gaining importance worldwide. New generations of instruments, situated on the earth's surface and in space, enable astronomers to study the origin, structure, and evolution of planets, stars, star systems, and the universe. Over the coming decades, astronomy will undoubtedly play a prominent role in international basic research. The Master of Astronomy and Astrophysics programme offers a wide range of courses on the subfields of astronomy and on its research methodology. Special attention will be devoted to the analysis and astrophysical interpretation of data, as well as to technological aspects of international astronomical research.

Master of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Master Sterrenkunde


The Master of Space Studies originated from a societal demand of skilled professionals in the space sector. It is an advanced programme for students having already obtained a Master’s degree in a field with links to the space sector. In the first semester all students coming from different backgrounds will obtain a broad overview of space related issues ranging from space law, policy and management to space sciences and technology, giving the programme not only a multi-disciplinary but also an inter-disciplinary character. After this mandatory programme, all students choose their own specialization area, thus strengthening both their deeper knowledge of main space related topics and their specialized knowledge and skills in one space related discipline. Students who complete this programme successfully will be in a position to develop a career in the space sector or space research.

Master of Space Studies

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Future Students




You are fascinated by the Universe with its stars, planets and dust? You want to know how stars get born and evolve? You want to learn all there is to know about observations, dive into the theory or get cracking on the technological aspects?

Master of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Master Sterrenkunde

We offer an environment with strong assests in stellar evolution research, astroseismology, exoplanets and instrumentation. To complement us we collaborate with the CmPA of the departement of mathematics. Students will be confronted with current reseach through the various research project embedded in the research groups. We organize various excursions such as a visit to the Mercator telescope in La Palma where student can do their own observations. During the Master thesis the students becomes part of the research group. Eventually your Master thesis might even lead to a peer-reviewed scientific publication!


You have keen interest in the space industry? You want to learn more about space technology, space science and space bussiness, management and law? You might even want to get employed in space bussiness?

Master of Space Studies

The Master of Space Studies is open to all motivated students with a Master degree that can be related to space studies. We offer a unique education that is a collaboration between universities (KU Leuven & UGent) and faculties. We aim to provide a multidisciplinary and interdiscplinary program that provides a boad basis in a vatiety of space related issues as well as the oportunity to specialize in one specific field.



Faculteit Wetenschappen - Faculty of Science

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KU Leuven Student Administration

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