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Laboratory for Soft Matter and Biophysics

Our research unit has been renamed by December 1st, 2014

About us

We study systems ranging from pure soft matter systems such as molecular glasses to pure biological systems such as brain cells.For small molecular and polymeric systems we focus on relaxation behaviour in confinement. For colloidal systems, ranging from wormlike micelles to biological building blocks like F-actin, research is centred around the effect of shear flow. For biological materials such as rod-like viruses, DNA and self-assembled protein nanostructures we study the ordering behaviour as well as interactions with inorganic materials. Furthermore, we analyse the intrinsic links between the structure, structural changes, and the functionality of biological macromolecules. At the level of cells and tissues, we are especially interested in their interaction with light and their electronic behaviour and activity. Substantial efforts are continuously made to improve instrumentation in order to obtain real-time information on the structural-, thermal-, and elastic behaviour of biological- and soft materials with high spatial resolution and at time scales down to picoseconds. Read more


Principal research themes

  • Relaxation dynamics, glass formation and polarity in soft matter
  • Thermal and elastic characterisation of soft, biological and heterogeneous matter
  • Structure formation and distortion of colloidal materials
  • Biofunctional surfaces and interfaces
  • Nanobiophysics
  • Acoustics                                 Read more







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