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Theoretical research in physics refers to the mainly conceptual, computational, simulational and mathematical study of nature in its most fundamental appearances.

pHd and postdoc positions

A number of PhD and post-doc positions are available each year. If interested, here to get more information.



Nikolay Bobev (High Energy Physics)
Wojciech De Roeck (Mathematical Physics)
Thomas Hertog (High Energy Physics)
Joseph Indekeu (Statistical Physics)
Christian Maes (Mathematical Physics)
Thomas Van Riet (High Energy Physics) Bert Vercnocke (High Energy Physics)

Overview of all members




 Master courses for students who want to specialize in Theoretical Physics.

Capita Selecta Theoretical Physics (from the Master program): topics of modern theoretical physics.

IITS (Intensive Theoretical Studies): semi-annual graduate course on topics in theoretical physics.

Master specialization Theoretical Physics in Belgium.