This is the homepage of the High Energy Physics group at the KU Leuven


This research group works in the context of modern quantum field theory especially on subjects in particle physics and cosmology. Most part of the research is related to quantum gravity, supersymmetry and string theory.



We organize our seminars together with the Brussels universities VUB and ULB.
We have agreed to meet every Wednesday with seminars at 10:30 and 13:00 (this year when it is in Leuven, we start at 11:00). For the list of seminars, see the calendar of seminars KUL/VUB/ULB.



The next events are related to the KNAL! festival, with in particular (in Dutch)

  • openingslezing XXI eeuw
  • Feest van de Oerknal
  • tentoonstelling `To the Edge of Time’
  • museumnacht faculteit wetenschappen
  • arts/science panel met Robbert Dijkgraaf
  • lecture-performance in het planetarium

Older events can be found here