You are fascinated by the Universe with its stars, planets and dust? You want to know how stars get born and evolve? You want to learn all there is to know about observations, dive into the theory or get cracking on the technological aspects?

Master of Astronomy & Astrophysics

Master Sterrenkunde

We offer an environment with strong assests in stellar evolution research, astroseismology, exoplanets and instrumentation. To complement us we collaborate with the CmPA of the departement of mathematics. Students will be confronted with current reseach through the various research project embedded in the research groups. We organize various excursions such as a visit to the Mercator telescope in La Palma where student can do their own observations. During the Master thesis the students becomes part of the research group. Eventually your Master thesis might even lead to a peer-reviewed scientific publication!


You have keen interest in the space industry? You want to learn more about space technology, space science and space bussiness, management and law? You might even want to get employed in space bussiness?

Master of Space Studies

The Master of Space Studies is open to all motivated students with a Master degree that can be related to space studies. We offer a unique education that is a collaboration between universities (KU Leuven & UGent) and faculties. We aim to provide a multidisciplinary and interdiscplinary program that provides a boad basis in a vatiety of space related issues as well as the oportunity to specialize in one specific field.



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