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In the summer of 2014, ESA launches its Georges Lemaître Automated Transfer Vehicle ATV-5, a mission which is named after the famous Belgian cosmologist Georges Lemaître.  To highlight this technological endeavour carrying the name of a unique European visionary scientist, a number of events are being organised throughout the country, including an exhibition in his native Charleroi later in September 2014, a press event in Brussels during the ATV-5 launch, and a scientific symposium in the city of Leuven, where Lemaître pursued his scientific and academic career within the French speaking section of the then unitary Catholic University of Louvain.

The symposium is organised jointly by the Université catholique de Louvain and the KU Leuven, under the auspices of the Belgian High Representation for Space Policy. Invited lectures will provide an overview of the status of modern cosmology and pay special attention to Lemaître’s pioneering contributions. The symposium is aimed at a scientifically informed but broad, non-specialist audience, but hosts also a poster display presenting current research in cosmology throughout Belgian scientific institutions.

The final session of the symposium will be devoted to the figure of Georges Lemaître. Following this the mayor of Leuven will inaugurate a commemorative plaque at the ‘Premonstreit College’, where Lemaître carried out his research, hereby paying tribute to the legacy of one of Belgium’s greatest scientists in the Leuven cityscape.







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