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Papers in journals and conference proceedings

Articles by members of the institute that were published in journals and conference proceedings are accessible through the invidual publication overviews on the staff pages.

Publication overviews per year for the entire institute can be retrieved from the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) from the links below.



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PhD theses supervised by KULeuven astronomers (since the year 2000)


PhD Thesis Valentina S. Schmid
Leuven 2016

Asteroseismic studies of two binary systems containing pulsating components 

PhD Thesis Kenneth De Smedt
Leuven 2015

The chemical diversity of post-AGB stars in the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds

PhD Thesis Jonathan Menu
Leuven 2015

The structure of protoplanetary disks around intermediate-mass young stars 

PhD Thesis Joris Vos
Leuven 2015

Exploring the evolution of wide hot-subdwarf binaries

PhD Thesis Pablo Marcos Arenal
Leuven 2014

PhD Thesis Robin Lombaert
Leuven 2013

The circumstellar environment of evolved stars as traced by molecules and dust:
The diagnostic power of Herschel

PhD thesis Paul Beck
Leuven 2013

Asteroseismology of Red-Giant Stars: Mixed Modes, Differential Rotation, and Eccentric Binaries

PhD thesis Ben de Vies
Leuven 2013

Olivine mineralogy of young and evolved stars

PhD thesis Michel Hillen
Leuven 2013

Interferometric studies of AGB and post-AGB stars

PhD thesis Peter Papics
Leuven 2013

Observational asteroseismology of B-type stars of the main sequence with the CoRoT and KEPLER satellites

PhD thesis Steven Bloemen
Leuven, 2013

High-precision studies of compact variable stars

Phd thesis Kristof Smolders
Leuven, 2012

The Spitzer spectroscopic survey of S-type AGB stars

Phd thesis Jeroen Vandersteen
Leuven, 2012

Observation and Estimation for Space Applications

Phd thesis Sara Regibo
Leuven, 2012

Data reduction and Analysis Algorithms for the Herschel Space Observatory

Phd thesis Jonas Blomme
Leuven, 2012

Variable star data mining techniques for time-resolved databases

PhD thesis Els van Aarle
Leuven, 2011

The optically bright post-AGB population of the Large Magellanic Cloud


PhD thesis Elvire De Beck
Leuven, 2011

Molecular Diagnostics of the Circumstellar Envelopes 

of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars 



PhD thesis Gert Raskin
Leuven, 2011
Hermes, a fibre-fed high-resolution spectograph for the Mercator Telescope


PhD thesis Djazia Ladjal
Leuven, 2011
The Herschel - PACS guaranteed time key programme on evolved stars: its preparation, execution and initial data exploitation


PhD thesis Pieter Degroote
Leuven, 2010

Asteroseismology of OB stars with the Corot space mission


PhD thesis Maarten Desmet
Leuven, 2009
Case studies of variable B-stars: 12(DD) Lacertae, AU Monocerotis and α (67) Vir (Spica)
PhD thesis Sophie Saesen
Leuven, 2009
Towards asteroseismology of the young open stellar cluster χ Persei (NGC 884)
PhD thesis Haili Hu
Leuven, Nijmegen, 2009
Backtracking the evolution of subdwarf B stars with asteroseismology
PhD thesis Maja Vuckovic
Leuven, 2009
An observational study of selected V361 Hya stars: EK Piscium, NY Virginis and EO Ceti
PhD thesis Clio Gielen
Leuven, 2009
Spitzer survey of dust grain processing in stable discs around binary post-AGB stars
PhD thesis Jonas Debosscher
Leuven, 2009
Automated Classification of variable stars: Application to the OGLE and CoRoT databases
PhD thesis Pieter Deroo
Leuven, 2007
High spatial resolution study of the circumstellar environment of AGB and post-AGB stars
PhD thesis Rachel Drummond
Leuven, 2007
Calibration of the CoRoT Space Mission
Correction of the photometry for pointing jitter and background changes
PhD thesis Evelien Vanhollebeke
Leuven, 2007
Stellar populations and dust formation in the inner Galaxy
PhD thesis Karolien Lefever
Leuven, 2007
Fundamental parameters of B-type stars
Application to a HIPPARCOS sample of B supergiants and a CoRoT sample of B dwarfs
PhD thesis Saskia Hekker
Leiden, 2007
Radial velocity variations in red giant stars: pulsations, spots and planets
PhD thesis Kadri Yakut
Leuven, 2006
An Observational Study of Unevolved Close Binary Stars
PhD thesis Stephanie De Ruyter
Gent, 2005
Binary post-AGB stars with a disc
PhD thesis Mario Ausseloos
Leuven, 2005
Seismic Studies of selected Beta Cephei stars: Beta Centauri, Nu Eridani and 12 Lacertae
PhD thesis Tijl Verhoelst
Leuven, 2005
Evolved stars: a combined view from interferometry and spectroscopy
PhD thesis Bram Acke
Leuven, 2005
Dust and gas diagnostics of the structure, dynamics and evolution of protoplanetary disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars
PhD thesis Katrien Uytterhoeven
Leuven, 2004
An observational study of line-profile variable B stars in multiple systems
PhD thesis Greet Decin
Leuven, 2003
A study of the occurrence and time evolution of circumstellar debris disks and their relation with planetary systems
PhD thesis Thomas Maas
Leuven, 2003
A study of post-AGB stars with a dusty disc
PhD thesis Roeland Van Malderen
Leuven, 2003
On the analysis of the IR spectra of cool giants: model atmospheres and time-dependent behaviour
PhD thesis Maarten Reyniers
Leuven, 2002
High Resolution Spectroscopy of Post-AGB stars: AGB Nucleosynthesis and Dredge-up
PhD thesis Tinne Reyniers
Leuven, 2002
Tidal perturbations of linear, free oscillations in components of circular-orbit close binaries.
PhD thesis Bart Vandenbussche
Leuven, 2002
The ISO Short Wavelength Spectrometer calibration and the ISO-SWS post-helium atlas of near-infrared stellar spectra
PhD thesis Caroline Van Kerckhoven
Leuven, 2002
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Diamonds around Young Stellar Objects
PhD thesis Katrien Kolenberg
Leuven, 2002
A Spectroscopy Study of the Blazhko Effect in RR Lyrae
PhD thesis Joris De Ridder
Leuven, 2001
Contributions to the Interpretation of Line-Profile Variations of Pulsating B stars
PhD thesis Peter De Cat
Leuven, 2001
An observational study of bright southern slowly pulsating B stars
PhD thesis Leen Decin
Leuven, 2000
Synthetic spectra of cool stars observed with the Short-Wavelength Spectrometer: improving the models and the calibration of the instrument